About Us

Our history

Charlotte Gastonia’s domain name was registered ‘way’ back in 2007. The site was originally built as the first local business directory to our region. The original mission statement was to ‘bridge the gap between Charlotte and Gastonia through business.’ Since then, the domain has exchanged hands a few times. Today, the domain is now the most modern directory serving the Charlotte metropolitan area. CharlotteGastonia.com is the only full scale directory, containing listings that range from professional services to tourist services to B&B’s to community locations, for the Charlotte Gastonia region.

Our goals

We are the only full-scale directory dedicated to the Charlotte Gastonia region of North Carolina. We strive to provide listings for the needs of our local community and visitors. We are willing to work with any of our local friends to optimize our website to best suit the community. Because we operate with the community in mind, we offer free listing and posting options for our users. Accounts for our website will always be free. We provide some paid subscriptions and paid features to help fund our project.

For the community

All of our listings are manually approved by our staff so that the information you read isn’t just relevant but is correct, appropriate, and well-intended. We will let your voice be heard! All community members are encouraged to post free posts on our website. The local businesses and locations that we list have options for local users to review and rate.

We moderate all of our content to assure that it is appropriate for everyone. We allow everyone to submit listings, paid and free. This way any local can post information about his or her favorite hike or coffee shop that we haven’t listed yet. One of our goals is for the community’s opinion to be associated with every local listing and to encourage the community to contribute as much as possible to a valuable resource website. We make it as easy as possible to find what you need to find and to say what you need to say.

For businesses

We help local shops and events gain exposure through the web. We will always responded faster than government operated tourism websites. Unlike business directories, we offer a huge range of categories that brings the whole community together. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise to visitors who are looking for a business directory and visitors who are tourists, searching for local reviews, or trying to find for information. Our goal is to empower the local business owner and bridge the gaps between the local citizen, the small business, the tourist, the local events, and the best things to do in the Charlotte area. We bring businesses new clients and help boost your online reputation.

For tourists

Tourists can find all the information they need for their visit to Charlotte plus exclusive information generated by our local users. We offer a local resource to compare with large review and listing sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

 Learn more

Interested in learning more? You can view all of our listings and navigating to what you’re looking for through the listing categories or search functions. If there is something you want to submit, go ahead and submit a listing or submit a story, post, or event. Whats the difference? Listings are for locations, businesses, shops, etc. Listings are unique pages that are customized with features such as logos, company website, social media, custom banners, hours of operations, and more. Stories, posts, and events are essentially categorized pages where the community can post about experiences, great things they discovered to do, blog-style posts, upcoming events, or extensive reviews. If you want to post a review for a single company or location please add it to the company’s listing page and not a post.

We have a detailed FAQ page for other common questions. Some users will also be interested in viewing our terms of service and privacy policy.