Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the resource page for frequently asked questions about listings on Charlotte Gastonia. Check out our FAQ for writing posts (not listings). Also scan over the guidelines for writing posts before you submit anything.

If you read this page and still have questions, contact us.

My listing isn’t showing as much information as other listings?

When you submit a listing all of the fields are not available yet. Most listings need to be approved by the website administrator and staff to ensure that the listing isn’t 1) SPAM 2) a duplicate listing 3) in the wrong category. Some listings are auto-approved. Once your listing is approved or was auto-approved you can add additional information by editing the listing. We highly encourage you to add additional information. The more information you provide the easier it will be for consumers to contact you and understand what you offer.

Click here for the tutorial showing (with example pictures) how to add additional information to your post and your profile.

How do I edit my profile?

The same tutorial for updating a listing includes the steps needed to edit your profile. You can view the tutorial here.

How do I upgrade my listing? How do I change my listing to a featured listing?

We wrote a detailed FAQ page for this question, figure out how to upgrade / feature / delete a listing here.

My listing does not belong in any of the categories?

If a category does not exist we will create it. Contact us and we will create a category that is a perfect fit for your listing. Or submit your listing with a comment that a new category should be added and the moderation team will fix it. Users posting free listings will not encounter this problem on the submission page. This is a problem that paid listing users will face because they are allowed to select categories. All free listings are set to ‘pending’ and categories are decided by staff members.

Should I copy and paste my listing description/information from my website or another listing website?

Free submissions must submit primarily unique (non copy and pasted) information into their description. We highly advise that paid submissions also have unique content for your  Charlotte Gastonia directory. Why? Your Charlotte Gastonia directory has the potential to show up on the 1st page of Google when people search for your business. This can be a great asset for your business! However, Google won’t rank duplicate content. So, if you copy and paste information into your listing there is a good chance that Google won’t treat your Charlotte Gastonia page as quality relevant content. Of course, you will still be noticed by visitors who are searching and viewing

I bought a package deal for multiple listings. How do I add them?

Once your payment has been verified (for PayPal it is usually instant) you can visit the Submit Listing page (where you purchased the packaged) to add your posts. The package you purchased should be visible and will include the number of listings you are still allowed to submit. Simply select that package and submit the initial details for a listing. Once the listing has been submitted you can include all of the additional fields. Just click on your username to find your dashboard and your listings will be located below your details.

Free Listings: Will my free listing expire? Why can’t I choose the category?

Currently our free listings are not set to expire. The billing cycle for free listings is set to renew every 30 days — however, the billing is $0 so no PayPal or credit card information is needed or stored. However in the near future Charlotte Gastonia will only allow non-profit and community listings to be added for free. We’re trying to build the best community website we can. The directory aspect of the site helps us pay for our website hosting fees, maintenance, and other costs. Free listing authors are not allowed to choose the category. Due to issues with SPAM the administrator will select the correct category for the listing. Free listings are only allowed to be listed under one category. Paid listings can have multiple additional categories.

My FREE listings says that “Next Billing will occur on.” I thought it was free?

Your free listing is scheduled for billing once a month. However, you will not be charged. The billing is $0, so no PayPal or Credit Card information is needed.

Can I submit a listing for something I don’t ‘own?’

Yes! Our directory grows because community members are willing to add special listings even if the listing isn’t owned by them. However, if you add a business to the directory the business owner is allowed to claim the listing. Business owners can claim listings on the listing page. They must supply proof of business ownership in order for the authorship of the listing to be transferred. Many public and community resources will only make it to Charlotte Gastonia’s directory if they are submitted by helpful users. Submit anything you find helpful — just be aware that the listing’s ownership may eventually be transferred.

What should I add to my profile and listing?

You should add absolutely as much information as you can! Users prefer listings that have engaging images, look professional, have good relevant descriptions, and links to social media / websites / email addresses. Here are 5 great reasons to have a great profile!

Is there a support forum for users who created paid listings?

Support for all users should go through our contact us page. You can email us directly at We respond very quickly (usually within a few hours) to all users.

What happened to the old site?

Our site was recently renovated! The site has returned to its roots as a directory. We wrote a really short blog post about it.