How To Edit Your Listing and Profile

Once you’ve paid for your listing (or submitted a free listing) you will gain access to additional fields you should add to your listing. 

The first thing you should do is visit your account profile. It will look something like this:


This is the account of ‘testuser.’ Click your username and you will be taken to your account page. Make sure you click “Edit Profile” on the default profile picture so that you can add information about yourself. You should upload a picture of yourself to give your listing credibility. You can also add links to social media websites, a personal website, a description about yourself and more.


After you’ve filled out your profile scroll down the page so that you can see the default tab “Listing.” Your listings will appear here. Simply click “Edit” to finish adding your listing’s information. It is very important to finish filling out your listing.


When you click Edit you’ll see features that weren’t available on the sign-up page such as these:


If you have any questions about your listing or Charlotte Gastonia, make sure to send us a message on our Contact Us Page.

Charlotte Gastonia was designed to be very user friendly. Nevertheless, if you have a problem please let us know!