How to Upgrade Your Listing

Its easy to upgrade your listing on Charlotte Gastonia!

Upgrade Your Free Listing

If you signed up for a free listing on Charlotte Gastonia there are two upgrade options. The first option is to visit your User Profile where your listings are visible. Under each listing are three buttons: Edit, Upgrade, and Delete. This is what you should be looking for:


Listing Option Buttons

The Edit button: If you are happy with your free listing and its categories, you can edit your listing and change it to a featured listing. At the bottom of the edit listing page there are check-boxes for upgrading to a category feature and homepage feature. Simply click the feature(s) that you wish to upgrade to and hit update listing. You will then be directed to a PayPal payment page where you will be charged for the upgrade.

The Upgrade Button: The upgrade button will direct you to additional package and listing upgrades that are available. The Free Listing only allows for Administrator approved categories and many businesses and individuals want to list their service on the premium categories. Other users want to post multiple items in premium categories. There are larger packages available for upgrading that allow users to submit multiple listings in multiple categories.

The Delete Button: This button will remove your ownership from the listing. If you delete a premium listing your listing will be removed from the directory and your scheduled renewal payments will be cancelled. If you delete a free listing, the listing ‘ownership’ will be transferred to the Administrator’s account. Public listings are informative for users, Charlotte natives, and tourists. All information on Charlotte Gastonia is published with the intent of helping Charlotte Gastonia natives and visitors to the Charlotte Gastonia region of North Carolina.

I edited my listing and selected ‘featured’ but nothing has changed? I upgraded and cant see my post?

Has it been less than a day? If yes, please be patient. Sometimes PayPal transactions must be manually approved. (Although they are usually automatic.) Additionally, sometimes listings must be manually approved before they become visible. All free listings must be manually approved. If you upgraded your free listing before it was approved your featured subscription will not activate until your listing has been approved. Paid listings and upgrades that were purchased through PayPal should be automatically published on our website unless there was an issue with the payment or the post was flagged by spam filters. In both cases a site administrator will need to look into the transaction / listing.

It has been over 1 day: Please contact us in whatever way is most convenient for you. It is possible (although unlikely) that something went wrong and your listing or payment was never received. Listings that are delayed for any reason will get additional free listing length and perks to make up for the delay.

Why isn’t upgrading free?

Paid listings and paid upgrades help pay our server fees, website maintenance costs, and out of pocket start-up costs. Our goal is to provide one of the best community websites for the Charlotte Gastonia community. Nevertheless, nothing in life is free. We can’t afford to pay the bills without your support! There are a lot of great benefits that come with an upgraded listing.

Why should I upgrade?

There are many benefits that accompany a Charlotte Gastonia listing. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading by reading this article.

Still having trouble upgrading your listing? If you’re still having trouble with any part of the listing upgrade process and your questions were not answered on this page or our FAQ page, please send your questions to us through the contact form.