Publishing Posts, Stories, and Other Content

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the publishing guidelines, authors often still have a few questions. We will do our best to answer them here. If your question isn’t answered, just contact us.

Can I include links to my personal or business website?

The short answer is yes. You can include links to websites and you should include links to relevant websites if it makes sense. However, your article cannot be entirely focused around promoting your business. If you want to get publicity for your business you can submit a listing. Where is the line? Our staff ultimately makes the decisions. Here’s an example of something that is appropriate. If  your business is funding an awesome community project, feel free to submit a post describing this project, its positive impact, how it can help the reader, and how your business has funded the entire project through their new community outreach campaign.

Even if you do not include links to your business or personal website within the article body, all published posts will include Author information. Your author information can include your social media accounts, website, contact info, and more.

I don’t have a college education. Can I submit a post?

There are no educational requirements for submitting content. However, it must be well-written. It does not need to be perfect. It also must be worthy of appearing in a local newspaper or a respectable blog.

I am not sure which category to submit my listing under?

Your listing’s category will be reviewed before it is published. A staff member will change the category if he or she deems it more accurate. There is also the chance that an entirely new category might be created by a staff member.

How do I know if my post is rejected?

We do our best to notify authors if their submissions were rejected. We will also usually offer feedback on how to make the piece better for re-submission.

Can I include affiliate links in my post?

Most likely, no. You would need to contact us to be sure. Certain types of affiliation might be permissible so its worth a shot.

Is there a way that I can feature my post?

Possibly! Contact us with more details about your post and the duration.

Can I remove my post?

Generally, posts are not removed. Even posts that are no longer relevant serve the purpose as serving as records. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the rights to remove content if a change of events has rendered that content inappropriate. Authors can request that their post be removed. When doing so, the author should supply a valid reason for removal.

What are my rights as an author?

By submitting anything to Charlotte Gastonia you are consenting to our terms of service. You still have full credit for the piece. Nevertheless, Charlotte Gastonia staff members may make slight edits to your post for the purposes of clarity or formatting.

Whats in it for me?

Submitting posts helps bring the Charlotte Gastonia community great new relevant content! If you’re a business owner, you can include information about your business within your post. Your post has many of the same benefits that listings do. If you’re a student or aspiring writer, it looks good on a resume. If you want your voice heard in the community, this is a great free and quick way to get the word out.