Guidelines for Submitting Posts, Stories, and Events

Charlotte Gastonia is giving all citizens in the Charlotte Gastonia region the opportunity to contribute! Just as anyone can submit a listing, anyone can submit a post. The guidelines for submitting a post are more strict than a listing. Please follow the guidelines listed on this page in order for your submission to be approved. Content that explicitly breaks our guidelines for submissions will not be approved. To prevent spam, all content must come from registered users and all submissions will be categorized as drafts once submitted. An administrator or community moderator will need to review it and then publish it.


  1. Unique content. All posts must be original content written or owned by the user. Duplicate content (articles, paragraphs, or pages that have already been published online) will be immediately deleted. It does not matter if you wrote the duplicate content, it is still not allowed to be posted on our website. Why? Google and other search engines recognize duplicate content and often penalize websites for copy and pasting content. Solution: If you want to submit information to that has already been posted elsewhere online you can re-write the content. Everyone knows that many, many sites have similar information. Simply tell the story a little bit differently on our website.
  2. Quoting content. While users are not allowed to copy and paste articles, they are allowed to copy and paste quotes. All quotes that are taken from other websites should be placed inside quote tags and reference their original source. Submissions cannot be over 30% quotes.
  3. Images. Images are required with every post. We require images because each post has a featured image associated with it that shows up on category pages (and on the blog). Without a featured image we have to use the ugly default ‘photo missing’ picture. Make sure that the pictures you submit are either your property or labeled for reuse. Solution: If you are having a hard time finding appropriate images but you have a high quality submission we will research and add an image for you. We will not do this with every post. Aka, if you can’t find a good image to go along with your post, you need to really make up for it with stellar content.
  4. Relevant. All content must be relevant. Content must either 1) pertain to the Charlotte metropolitan area of North Carolina; 2) affect citizens living in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Opinion articles by Charlotte locals are welcomed. Nevertheless, simply being an author from the area does not qualify all posts as relevant. To clear up any confusion, here are two examples. The first will be published and the second will not. Example 1: John Doe, a Charlotte local, writes an opinion article about how Donald Trump’s policy will positively/negatively impact Charlotte’s business community. Example 2: John Doe, a Charlotte local, writes an article about the dangers of Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Example two might have some impact on North Carolina, but for this article to be published, John needs to specify some explicit impacts this might have on North Carolina, specifically the Charlotte region.
  5. Appropriate content. No content will be published that is profane, inappropriate, illegal, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or anything else that we deem to be unfit for our standards.
  6. Well written. This should be fairly obvious. However, we reserve the rights to reject any content that is not up to par.
  7. User profile. If you are published on Charlotte Gastonia we also expect you to have filled out the basic profile information. Your name will be attached with anything that you publish as well as your profile picture and some brief information.

Have some questions? Authors might also be interested in reading the frequently asked questions and terms for submitting posts.