The Benefits of Our Listings

You will reach more customers in Charlotte NC with a Charlotte Gastonia business directory listing.

Two basic types of listings are available at Charlotte Gastonia: free listings and paid listings. Either listings will bring your business, service, and listing additional exposure. Charlotte Gastonia is the only full-service directory exclusively for the Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan area.

The benefits of a free listing

A free listing already carries a lot of value. For example, here are some of the benefits that come with any listing:

  • Everyone who visits our site is already a targeted visitor
  • Your listing provides consumers with a direct link to your business, social media, and map and direction location
  • Our search and category functions have been optimized so that your listing shows up for exactly the right people
  • Your brand name gets additional exposure
  • Get positive online reviews of your business — your company needs to be listed on every review website
  • You can link to from your website and social media accounts and look like an authority figure
  • is a big brand and brings your website trust and authority because first appeared on hosting 14 years ago
  • Your website or Google Places listing will get more traffic!
  • Charlotte Gastonia is one of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing listing websites on the internet 🙂


Additional benefits for featured listings and upgrades:

  • Maximized visibility

    featured tag

    Featured Tag

    • Home Page featured listings show up to everyone who visits the site (amazing brand exposure)
    • Featured listings show up 1st in their categories and in relevant searches (great brand exposure)
    • Featured listings are highlighted to stick out from the other listings (great brand exposure)
    • Featured listings have “Featured” tags to help them stand out (additional exposure)
    • Paid listings are required for certain categories — only premium listings appear (exclusivity)
    • Paid listings allow for multiple listing categories so your business shows up in all relevant categories (great exposure)
  • More Customers

    • The more traffic your listing receives the more leads and customers your listing brings in
  • Extremely Affordable

    • Paid and featured listings are the most affordable form of local online advertising
    • Instead of a fixed rate, categories are priced fairly based on the type of service
  • Customized Listing Features

    • All premium or featured listings comes with listing customization
    • Additional fields that you want can be added to your listing page
  • Supporting Public Resource

    • Any paid services through Charlotte Gastonia business directory help pay for site hosting and upkeep

Its time to get listing!