Terms and Conditions

Very simply, we want to create the best community and directory website possible for Charlotte Gastonia. There are some simple terms and conditions to submitting content to our website.

Terms and Conditions at a Glance:

Paid subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. Free listings will be renewed for free each month at no charge to the user. Free listings that select a featured option will bill the featured cost each month. Users may cancel their account at any time and delete ownership of their free listings. Non-paid listings will remain listed in the directory and ‘ownership’ will transfer to the Administrator‘s account. Upon account cancellation paid listings will be permanently removed.


Charlotte Gastonia,” “We,” and “CharlotteGastonia.com” refers to this website, http://CharlotteGastonia.com, the provider of the services being described.

Client refers to anyone who is currently using the services of Charlotte Gastonia.

User refers to anyone who has a registered account with Charlotte Gastonia.

Terms and Conditions

1. Billing structure. Billing is chosen by the client. Charlotte Gastonia will bill based on the listing or subscription that the user purchased. The service can be cancelled by the client at any time. Once cancelled, the client will no longer receive service invoices and their subscription will terminate in accordance to the terms and conditions.

2. Late payment. Clients that submit payment after the invoicing date are subject to service cancellation. Late payments will not be penalized with a late fee. Late payments will be penalized with service termination. Charlotte Gastonia rarely permanently deletes listings and instead demotes them to ‘drafts.’ Nevertheless, Charlotte Gastonia reserves the rights to delete listings without the ability to recover them upon late payment.  Charlotte Gastonia tolerates a grace period of 3 business days.


3. Scheduling and Support. Clients can expect service and support within 1 busienss day. All methods of contact are permissible by clients at any hour. However, clients cannot expect a response at odd times of the night. If Charlotte Gastonia has not responded within 1 busienss day, please re-contact as a technical error might have occurred.

4. Termination of services by client. If the client is unsatisfied with the service(s) provided by Charlotte Gastonia the client has the right to terminate at any point. Service termination will likely result in the deletion of any paid services. Subscriptions will be allowed to finish their period unless otherwise specified by client. All posts that are allowed to be visible without paid subscription will remind visible without the paid benefits. The posts will remain attributed to the author if they originated as a free listing. Cancellations on paid services, such as professional business listings, will be removed from the directory or moved to another section on the discretion of of Charlotte Gastonia.

5. Termination of client and user accounts. All clients and users have the right to delete their accounts for any reason. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the right to proactively store deleted accounts indefinitely. All deleted accounts will be publicly removed from CharlotteGastonia.com and stored in a database in case the client or user wishes to re-activate their account. Charlotte Gastonia cannot be held responsible for recovering deleted accounts because Charlotte Gastonia may choose not to store any information on deleted accounts. All listings, posts, articles, and pages created by client/user accounts that have requested termination/deletion will be saved and the ownership attributed to the Administrator account.

6. Ownership rights. Charlotte Gastonia retains all rights to anything hosted under the domain name CharlotteGastonia.com. All posts and listings will contain attribution to the author unless the author’s account is terminated. Content on CharlotteGastonia.com will remain on CharlotteGastonia.com and not be re-distributed to any company not owned by Charlotte Gastonia. Unique content created for Charlotte Gastonia should not be posted on any other websites. Charlotte Gastonia is not responsible for the actions, reputation, quality, clarity, or representation of the products, businesses, or services advertised through Charlotte Gastonia’s listings.

7. Editing rights. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the rights to edit the content of listings or posts in order to optimize them or enhance clarity or for any reason deemed appropriate by Charlotte Gastonia administrators and moderators. Content that has expired may be deleted by Charlotte Gastonia administrators. Content that is abusive, illegal, or deemed inappropriate by Charlotte Gastonia will be deleted. Any subscriptions associated with inappropriate content will be terminated and the client will not be refunded if the client purchased a paid package. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the right to change all free listings categories.

8. Unforeseen or sudden termination. Should a problem arise such that CharlotteGastonia.com is forced to terminate all services and operations, all accounts and listing/post information will also be terminated.

9. Changes to services and packages. Charlotte Gastonia may change the rate of any package on their website at any time. For clients already subscribed to a service, the change in price will only affect them once they are billed for the next period. If a client purchased a non subscription based service the client may purchase additional listings at the new price.

10. Free listings. If a listing is described as “free” it will be 100% free with no billing information required. There will be additional options for upgrading a free listing that are paid. The option to submit a free listing may be discontinued at any time. If free listings are removed by Charlotte Gastonia administration, the free listings will remain visible if they are helpful to Charlotte Gastonia users. This will be judged by Charlotte Gastonia. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the rights to delete any free posts at any time that seem abusive or inappropriate. Free listings can easily be upgraded to paid listings. Charlotte Gastonia will provide notice to users with free listings before any changes are made to their packages. Clients with free listings will be treated the same as clients with paid listings in terms of support, rights, and service.

11. User submitted posts. Charlotte Gastonia reserves the rights to publish or reject user submitted content. Users should follow our post guidelines for a better chance at being approved.

12. FAQ. Charlotte Gastonia provides an extensive set of FAQ pages. The information provided here is accurate and submitted by the website administrators for the purpose of educating clients and users. Information that is missing from this privacy policy can usually be found in the FAQs.

13. Privacy. Charlotte Gastonia created and abides by our Privacy Policy.